Академія національної безпеки

Review procedure

When reviewing an article arrived in the editorial board of the journal “Scientific Journal the Academy of National Security”, a double-blind review is used.  Personal data from the author and reviewers are not revealed.  Authors of articles, without a scientific degree, along with defined materials, are filed a review on the article.  Scientific articles entering the editorial office are taking control of the requirements of the magazine published in the section “For authors”.

The editor-in-chief appoints to an article that came to the editorial office, a reviewer on a research profile from the editorial board of the editorial board,

When reviewing a scientific article, the reviewer evaluates:

  1. The actuality of the article;
  2. The validity of the connection of the problem, which is set in the article, with important scientific or practical tasks;
  3. Adequacy of the analysis of recent researches and publications from the general problem;
  4. The correctness of the problem that is devoted to the article is an integral part of the general problem;
  5. Compliance with the objectives of the article that the author considers;
  6. The validity of the obtained scientific results;
  7. The validity of scientific conclusions and their compliance with the purpose.

As a result of the review of the article, the reviewer provides a conclusion on the article – “Recommend printing” / “To refine the article” (indicating the comments) / “is not recommended for printing” (indicating the reasons).

In case of detection of remarks, the article is sent for refinement.  The corrected option is re-provided to the reviewer for decision and preparation of the conclusion.  In case of a review with the viewer, the author of the article may provide an argument to the magazine editorial.  In this case, the article will be aimed at an additional review by another specialist.  The editorial board reserves the right to deviate articles in case of failure or reluctance to the author to take into account the wishes and comments of reviewers.

Decorated reviews are sent to the editorial office in the form of scan copy.

The term of consideration of the article – up to 10 working days, re-examination – up to 5 working days.

Responsibility for the reliability of these facts and data, the validity of conclusions and recommendations relies on the author of the article.

After publishing the number all authors receive a link to the e-version of the journal