Академія національної безпеки

Public Ethics

The editorial board of the scientific journal “Scientific Journal the Academy of National Security” seeks to provide the highest standards of ethics.  According to this, all aspects of the publishing process – the authors, editorial board – have to act in accordance with established standards of ethical behavior and perform their duties.

The principal duty of the author is to provide comprehensive information about the study, as well as provide reliable results of the work performed.  Everyone who contributed significantly to the development, registration, execution, or interpretation of the reported research should be registered as co-authors.  The authors before submitting an article to the editorial board of the journal “Scientific Journal the Academy of National Security” must ensure that the original work presented and in the case of the use of works or allegations of other authors should provide relevant bibliographic links.  Plagiarism in all forms is unethical actions and is inappropriate.

The reviewer must objectively evaluate the quality of the manuscript, its interpretation, and presentation, as well as to consider the degree of work correspond to high scientific and literary standards.

Reviewers must argue the remarks provided to the manuscript of the article so that the editors and authors could understand what their remarks are based on.

The reviewer must provide feedback in a timely manner.  Unpublished data derived from the manuscripts presented to the main user are not eligible to use in personal studies. Information or ideas received during the review should be kept confidential and not used in order to get personal gain.

Editors can not always divide the views of the authors regarding individual elements of the scientific article.  Originality, correction of manuscripts, and errors are exclusively the responsibility of individual authors. Unpublished data derived from the manuscripts presented in personal studies can not be used.