Академія національної безпеки

Introductory word


Dear colleagues!

Today we are witnessing a sharp increase in the level of threats to international and national security, which are because of modern trends in the transformation of geopolitical and geoeconomic space, based on a rigid rivalry for redistribution of spheres of influence and more and more obvious inclination of some states to use power methods in implementing national interests. Unfortunately, in the last three years, Ukraine has fully experienced the negative impact of these trends.

Under the conditions specified without proper professional discussion of scientific and practical aspects of the comprehensive problem of ensuring national security, it is impossible to effectively respond to the state to threats to national interests.

It is nice to note that the scientific journal “Scientific Journal the Academy of National Security” contributes to deepening cooperation of specialists in the security sphere, helps to implement new scientific approaches and advanced achievements of domestic and world scientific opinion and also attracts the attention of readers to solve topical tasks for the provision of national security of Ukraine.

I invite you to join the cohorts of specialists and public administration practitioners in the field of national security, the search for modern approaches to implementing national interests in the political, economic, social, humanitarian spheres in the conditions of modern geopolitical and geo-economic transformations on the pages of the scientific journal.



President of the scientific institution

NGO “Academy of National Security,”

Chairman of the editorial board of the scientific journal

 “Scientific Journal the Academy of National Security,”

Doctor of Sciences in Public Administration, Professor,

Honoured scientist and technologist of Ukraine