Академія національної безпеки

For authors


to the author’s materials, supplied to be published in

 “Scientific Journal the Academy of National Security”

For publication in the “Scientific Journal the Academy of National Security”, author’s materials informed about new results or explore the original approaches to solving topical scientific problems in the fields: philosophy, methodology, theory and history of public administration in the area of national security; state policy and mechanisms for ensuring national security.

The article must contain such elements (with the selection in the text):

– staging the problem and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks;

– analysis of the latest researches and publications in which the author initiates the solution, allocation of previously unpaid parts of the general problem, which is devoted to this article;

– formation of objectives (objectives) of the article;

– summary of the primary research material with a complete substantiation of the results;

– conclusions from the material and prospects of further explorations in this direction;

– list of used literature;

– reference (transliteration).

For the reliability of actual material (statistics, formulas, drawings, schemes, tables, dates, quotes, etc.) and the availability of plagiarism is authorized.

Reviewers of the scientific journal “Scientific Journal the Academy of National Security” carry out scientific examination of author’s works, preserving complete confidentiality, excluding any possibility of transferring scientific materials to other persons for familiarization or for discussion.

Requirements for the article structure:

  1. UDC (with leveling right-edge)
  2. Information about the author of the article (second name, first name, surname, scientific degree, academic title, position, orcid ID) (italics with alignment on the left edge).
  3. The title of the article in the article’s language and English (in bold, high transliteration, with the leveling of the center).
  4. Annotation (not less than 1800 characters) and keywords (6-10 words) in the language of the article and English. The annotation should contain the following elements: the purpose of the article, scientific novelty, conclusions;
  5. The text of the article (a reference we indicated to the used literature in the text in square brackets).
  6. The list of used literature is presented at the end of the text as mention (without repetitions). Registration of the list of used literature is carried out in accordance with DSTU 8302: 2015.

Requirements for the article:

  1. We can write the article in Ukrainian, English or Russian
  2. The article’s text must be printed in the MS Word editor (version 97 or higher).
  3. Font – Times New Roman; Glass – 14 points; interrogated interval – 1.5;  Sizes of coast: Left – 30 mm;  Upper, lower – 20 mm, right – 15 mm;  alignment – in width;  Indent on the left edge – 1.25 mm.
  4. The scope of the article is not less than 20 thousand characters with intervals (10 – 12 pages) along with tables, schemes, drawings, and a list of literature used

 Requirements for submission of materials:

  1. An electronic version of the article (file name must match the author’s surname)
  2. Review (for authors without a scientific degree)
  3. Picture of 3×4
  4. Short information about the author (sample design)

The publication of articles (with the receipt of copyright) for members of the Academy of National Security is free, for other authors – the cost of covering printing costs and distribution of the scientific journal.

The document package is sent to e-mail: Academy_NB@ukr.net  or  s.zavgorodnia@ukr.net)